What’s next for Canadian boot maker La Canadienne?

bottesI first heard about La Canadienne in this Globe and Mail article a couple weeks ago. Like the iconic Canada Goose brand, La Canadienne manufactures their product here in Canada and started out providing non-branded product to organizations like the Canadian military. Also in common with Canada Goose is that La Canadienne focuses on high quality, high value product.

La Canadienne is interesting because they have only 1 retail store. So what’s the next step in the company’s growth? Will they open more stores?

If we take the analogy of Canada Goose as a road map then no, they won’t open more retail outlets and don’t need to. But wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if the brand was able to extend itself further. There is a world of difference between, say, Roots and Canada Goose. I’d like to see La Canadienne evolve into a Roots. And in my opinion expanding the number of retail outlets is key. After all, the brand is an experience, and brick and mortar offers a unique way for customers to experience the brand. Apple is a great example of a company that leveraged the powerful combination of an amazing product experience with an amazing in store experience.

La Canadienne will probably maintain its relatively narrow focus and continue to be very successful at what they do. But I hope the future holds something bigger.


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