Hey Justin Trudeau – Canada’s tech industry needs you bro

Tech startups are notoriously dominated by men. Bro’s. Aloof skinny-jeaned dudes with beards and bed head hacking the internet for the next big business opportunity.

This image contrasts with the exhaustingly conservative corporate Canada. So it’s no wonder that there is a vacuum at the federal and provincial level when it comes to tech. But hold on, there’s new kid in town.

Yes, I said kid.

He’s an advocate of marijuana and he’s aloof enough that, put him in a pair of skinny jeans, he might just pass for a senior programmer at Hootsuite.

Of course I’m talking about Justin Trudeau.

Taking a page out of Obama’s playbook, Justin is trying to do 2 things right now – 1) clearly differentiate himself from Harper 2) get people to vote who otherwise wouldn’t vote (since he won’t win over many conservatives he needs to activate more closet liberals). And when it comes to getting people to vote he is aiming at younger voters and divisive issues.

Who better than to champion a new era in Canada’s tech industry?

With Blackberry on the ropes we need someone who can kick corporate Canada in the loose fitting slacks and get them to see the value in investing in tech.

Justin just might be the dude to do it.


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